Colin White is a New York based artist and animator. He has directed and animated shorts for Adult Swim's Off the Air, Dan Deacon's video for his hit song When I was Done Dying, and has done character designs for various animation houses including Bento Box. His work has been screened worldwide at various outlets including the prestigious Ottawa International Animation Festival, Pictoplasma, the Melbourne International Animation Festival and on Adult Swim. He is currently working illustrating a graphic novel for writer/producer Dan Powell. Colin is a fanatic for the dystopian, the bizarre and the grotesque. He has a passion for the flavors of exotic meats and indulges in eating the rarest of breeds this world has to offer including sea turtle fins, urchin shells, and sawfish boogers. Colin has the aroma of a sponge that has fully absorbed a melted Gorgonzola cheese.



William Stitt is a writer working primarily in the animated comedy world. He has written for Adult Swim's Off the Air and Smalls program as well as other digital outlets. He is currently developing multiple animation projects with his company, International Geographic. His shorts have been shown internationally at the Melbourne International Animation Festival, Pictoplasma and Adult Swim. William has a penchant for nonsense, fantasy and unsound logic. He is a cretinous goon who spends most of his time brushing up on the latest tabloid conspiracy theories, attempting to make contact with extraterrestrials and spreading dirty rumors about D-list celebrities in unpopular chat rooms. William smells faintly like a dead raccoon that has been left out to fester in the baking sun.